Classic Bob Haircuts

Dark Bob Hairstyle

Dark Bob Hairstyle

The classic bob is the epitome of the liberated woman in the 1920s. Being a timeless masterpiece, bob haircuts have marked their way into a modern craze once again. The typical bob is worn short with straight hair cut to the same length, finishing between the ears and the chin and focused close to the face. This classy style has been adopted by celebrities such as Katie Holmes with her blunt cut bang. Although, the traditional bob may be too conventional for some.

Since the liberating classic bob, haircuts are being developed around the world modernizing this long-established style. Variations include Victoria Beckham’s “Posh Bob” or “Pob” where the hair gradually and elegantly lengthens towards the face, also referred to as “asymmetrical”, “graduated” or “angled” bob haircuts. Her side sweeping bangs make Posh’s bob even more flattering. This angled style has also been worn by Jenny McCarthy and Rihanna.

Such bob haircuts are relatively low maintenance for women with straight hair, requiring merely a comb to keep the shape. Even though wavy or curly hair demands more work, the bob is not impossible to attain. Eva Longoria has fashioned a beautiful wavy bob to aspire to.

Other modifications to the classic bob include having the ends bobbed up towards the face, introducing side swept or blunt bangs, flicking the ends and adding layers to build volume. Layered bob haircuts are extremely popular, ranging from short, medium, long, inverted and angled.

Angled bob layered haircuts

Best illustrated by the “posh bob” with sides graduating from the back downward toward the chin or jaw line. The layers appear at the back of the head, giving a boyish trim from behind. This style looks great with blond streaks or a deep brown color with red highlights.

The technique can range from sharp points with many layers at the crown and back to slightly sloped sides, depending on how edgy you want the look.

Preservation is easy, involving just a blow dryer and possibly a round brush to add volume if you need. The tapered angling enables the hair to fall into place, so it always looks sleek and smart.

Beware when cutting to this style as the hair will require deeper highlights to accommodate the layers. You don’t want the back a darker color than the sides.

Inverted bob layered haircuts

Side of Bob Haircut

Side of Bob Haircut

This style is very feminine and refined. The hair is volumized with layers flipped towards the face. Being versatile, this hairdo can be pulled off with short, medium or long.

To invert the layers, simply use a round brush and blow dryer, coiling the hair around the brush from the inside while blow drying on the outside. Focus the dryer on the ends when curled around the brush. Take caution not to burn the hair by drying too closely or for lengthy periods.

The choppy ends can point downward towards the body, similar to Rihanna’s or forward like Heidi Klum’s medium blond style.

The uneven leveling and slicing adds character and eases out thick consistency. It’s a wonderful alternative to the blunt cut classic bob.

Short bob layered haircuts

Unlike the traditional sleek bob, adding graduated or shattered layers to the whole cut can soften the classy powerful look to a gorgeous care-free style, giving a youthful and playful appearance.

Because of the many ways layers can be arranged, you can easily attain that personalized look. Better still, this style is terrific if you have thin hair, with broken up cuts giving the impression of fullness.

Give yourself that daringly innovative quality only a short cut with long sharp layers can provide.

Maintenance is a breeze because of the unevenness. Just add mousse and blow dry. Then apply some hair spray to hold. The muddled style allows multiple styling methods and looks.

The short choppy bob has been worn by Meg Ryan, Rihanna and Paris Hilton.

Long bob layered haircuts

The Curly Bob

The Curly Bob

Yes, the bob has also developed into a long layered style. This longer bob accommodates wavy and straight hair and looks great with either a blunt cut bang or a side swept fringe. The length gives a more sensual and flowing feel.

Keeping this style under control is tougher but the extended length means you’ll get away with cutting and trimming at longer intervals. Remember because longer hair is aged, take good care of it by using conditioning treatments and removing split ends regularly.

To add character and dimension to your layered cut, utilize color or highlights. Darker colors give volume. Adding some highlights or streaks creates a varied look with regrowth not being so prominent.

As you can see, the classic bob has come a long way since its cathartic introduction in the 1920s. Whatever bob hairstyle you choose, remember to have fun experimenting with your individuality.