Various Shag Layered Haircuts

Should I Shag my Hair

Should you Shag?

Ever since the shag became popular in the 70’s, various shag layered haircuts have been developed to create the best possible designs. The shag haircut is basically a multi layered choppy style, creating a chaotic edgy look.

Being adaptable, there are many modifications and unique looks which can be created with shag haircuts. Whether you have short, medium, long, straight or wavy hair you always have the option of adopting one of the many various shag layered haircuts.

Depending on length and texture, there are some shags which may not be suitable. But don’t worry, the messy appearance enables stylists to create looks that suit almost anyone.

The various shags include short, medium, long or wavy styles. Follow these tips to see which shag layered haircuts are suitable for you and how to style with best results:

  • Short hair – requires more layers to build volume. Many layers at the front of the face creates an out there shag.
  • Medium length hair – is adaptable to various layered styles. Additional layers give you a sharper and fuller shag. Reducing the amount of cuts will give the hair more flow and less edge.
  • Short/medium layered haircuts – look great with straight hair.
  • Longer hair – use less layers as this can lead to the hair looking too jagged. To spice up this style, use highlights or streaks.
  • Curly or frizzy hair – not usually suitable for short/medium shag haircuts. This texture requires length to avoid a frizzy or puffy appearance. Longer layers are recommended for a wavy or curly shag.
  • Thin hair – if you severely lack in volume then adopting a wavy shag haircut will make your hair look scrubby. Alternatively, long straight layered haircuts will be more beneficial by adding some lovely texture.
  • Thick hair – basically any shag is suitable, with layered haircuts helping to ease out thick consistency.

Layered cuts build volume and add character. So, it doesn’t really matter which of the various shag haircuts you choose as long as you follow the above guidelines. With creativity comes style and passion. The shag appeals to many, not only for its cheerful character, but also because individual personalized looks can be formulated.
If you’re unsure of the various shag layered haircuts and which one you should choose, your stylist will surely have some handy tips to get you started.