Shag Hair Style the Look

Shag Hair Style Look

The Shag Look

Being shaggy portrays a carefree and confident persona. The messy layered look shows that you are fun to be with and approachable. The shag is deliberately scattered yet styled to frame the person’s face to display a clean crisp look. You’ll always appear fresh and invigorated, and the confidence will help you feel it too!

The shag hair style is unique and screams confidence. It’s sure the catch the eye. This out there hairstyle takes focus away from other areas that you might dislike. People who adopt a shag carry themselves with poise and pride.

Long hair can be layered and scattered towards the face to give that modern professional feel. Short to medium shags look great with lots of volume and shattered layers. Wavy shags are better with longer levels to avoid a frizzy look.

Shags work well with vibrant colors. Look at Lisa Rinna’s brunette cut – extremely captivating. Streaks are also very effective by helping to further scatter the hair which in turn assists hiding the regrowth.

Just because they’re messy doesn’t mean they’re not stylish! There’s various shag layered haircuts that would suit any occasion, whether it’s a first date, lazing around the pool or a formal occasion. Shags are completely versatile and there’s so many different looks that can be achieved.