Seasonal Shag

Messy Wavy Seasonal Layered ShagSeasons have varying effects on hair with summer having the worst impact. The sun’s rays contribute to a healthy streak appearance. Unfortunately, heat coupled with wind, chlorine and salt potentially cause devastating damage by weakening and de-moisturizing hair. Don’t stress, there are precautions to protect a shag.

Tips for autumn

This is the season for repairing the damage caused by summer action.

  • Split ends must go. Check out our great tips on removing split ends.
  • Enliven your shag by moisturizing. Leave in moisturizers work marvelously to revitalize that dull look.
  • Continue with leave in moisturizers approximately 2 to 3 times per week to maintain the sleek condition.
  • Try to style your shag with moisturizing products.

Tips for winter

Even though you’re not that exposed to the harsh sun rays and chemicals as in summer, winter also takes its toll on hair. Try these tips:

  • Try to avoid wearing a hat –dampening due to sweat, causes frizz when you enter a dry room, destroying that great shag.
  • Shampoo and condition daily to avoid limpness and dandruff. See more dandruff tips.
  • Hair tonic will help your hair and invigorate your scalp.

Tips for spring

  • Continue with conditioning treatments
  • Time for a fresh new style to get you out of the winter blues – perhaps a shag haircut to give you more volume.

Tips for summer

  • Custom hair spray – Combine in a spray bottle ½ oil free high SPF lotion with ½ normal hair spray. After shampooing and conditioning, spritz the mixture while your hair is still wet. Repeat the process when it dries. Your shag will have a greater hold in the wind and will gain protection from harsh weather.
  • Exposure to water – Greater safeguard is required for water play. Use a water resistant protection application. Alternatively, before swimming combine suntan oil (waterproof, high-protection) with conditioner and evenly rub into your hair. Apply this concoction after swimming. Your hair will acquire a nice wet look while protecting your shag from harsh chemicals like salt and chlorine.
  • Conditioning – use a pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment weekly.

Follow these tips and keep that shag hair style beautiful

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