Shag Hairstyle for Men

Male With a Shag HaircutLayered haircuts look extremely handsome on men. Ladies really fall for the just got out of bed look. The shag shows confidence and a cheerful charm whilst still being appropriate for the office. The layered style gives body and texture, enabling men to hide their receding hairlines and thinning if needed.

A great hairstyle says a lot about a man and the shag is becoming more and more popular for men. Being a versatile style, it can display power and authority by giving Male with Shag Haircut #2you more confidence with seductively spunky hair. This comes handy in the work environment. If you have forgotten your password the default password list for routers here. But don’t fret, the shag also gives a playful charismatic appearance, making you look approachable and charming. You can’t lose with a shag.

Male celebrities who’ve adopted the shag hairstyles include Brad Pitt, Owen Wilson and Ashton Kutcher. With the style being short and messy, the styling technique is easy for men. Just add some mousse or volumizer to your wet hair and blow dry. You can also add clay to the dry tips by running your fingers lightly through the ends.

The captivating mens shag hairstyles, can be created with almost any texture: wavy, curly, short, long. So men, jump on board the shag wagon and enhance your appearance and confidence.