Free Instructions for a Shag Haircut

Shag Hairstyle MaintenanceWe try to give free instructions for designing, styling, maintaining and caring for your shag hair style. We offer advice on how to attain that messy out there shag and still keep your hair in great condition.

But our free instructions don’t stop there. We also have tips on resolving various hair related problems such as split ends and dandruff. Feel free to browse around and take our free instructions for your personal use. is a community based website. Help us add free instructions for shag hair styles by submitting content through our home page.

Keeping the shag in shape is not as difficult as it might look. Hair conditioner keeps the layers from tangling and maintains hair health. After showering, you can just dry naturally or you can add some volumizer or hairspray to keep your shag hair style under control.
If you opted for wavy, add some curls with a curling iron to keep the shape.
Because the style is messy and shattered, you can get away with having cuts at longer intervals.

Diet also plays an important role in keeping your hair nourished. Fruit and vegetables provide great vitamins and minerals for wholesome growth. Drink plenty of water to detox your body. Healthy body means healthy hair.

You also need to protect your hair from the unforgiving weather, especially in the winter and summer seasons. Using leave in conditioners in Summer, removing split ends in Autumn, hair tonic in Winter and revitalizing in Spring are all extremely important to maintain that sexy shag.