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Layered Emo

Emo Haircut

Emo hair styles is just one of the factors which shows that society has come to accept and even encourage individual and unique ideas and characteristics. The emo hair style does look great and definitely adds character to this type of fashion.

Emo look

Having an Emo hair style shows that you are willing and wanting to step away from the traditional notions and fashions of society. A typical emo hair style is normally jet black in color. Some may have highlights of dark blue, red, yellow, green or even pink to add more character and tone.

The Emo hair style is normally straight with spikes at the top or at the back. Some emo hairstyles may have a long thick blunt fringe sweeping to one side of the face which normally comes down between the ear and the cheek. The fringe frames the face and sometimes hides one eye.

The Emo hair styles takes many different shapes and forms. It’s basically shaggy, messy, spiky – whatever you want it to be.

How do i Emo?

Basically, there are no hard and fast rules of what an Emo hair style should look like. The key is to do whatever you feel, personalize your style and maybe even go crazy with your hair! The Emo hair style does not need to be done by a professional.

The Emo hair style is accepted as being unnatural and all over the place. The front is usually kept long to hide part of the face and is normally blunt with uneven portions. The back of the Emo hair style and can be short, spiky and choppy, depending on what type of Emo hair style you prefer. Using a razor can give more texture to this part.

Tone up your Emo hair style with some black hair dye and individualize it with some highlights. Emo hair styles are normally straight and spiky so you may need to use a hair straightener to get your desired look.

Whatever you prefer, just have fun and play around with your Emo hair style.

Emo hair for girls

Most girls who opt for an Emo hair style like the long layered style of Emo hair, sometimes with a blunt bang swept to the side. Some opt for the short spiky Emo hair but the hair at the front is always kept long, used at times to hide part of the face.

Luckily for girls, we can create a variety of looks with an Emo hair style. Girls’ Emo hair can range from an out-there personalized, individualized Emo hair style with highlights to just something unusual and mysterious. Side bangs always make a good Emo hair style. You can even just opt for natural sleek looking Emo hair just for something exotic. Girls’ Emo hair can be versatile, looking flash when it’s needed and even elegant for the right occasion.

Emo hair fashion

Emo hair styles and cuts have swept the nations abroad. The style is so popular and best of all, each person can individualize and personalize their own look. You can have Emo hair whether you’re after the “just got out of bed” Emo hair style or sleek, sexy and cute. That’s the best thing about Emo hair, it’s so versatile and that’s why it’s the backbone of Emo fashion. Each person can step away from the majority and become what they want to be – master of their own personality.

Images provided by Uppercutsalons.com, UK